Diminutive Desktop’s Durban Debut

With the tiny EZ-Go PC are Printer Distribution Company sales executive
Kuben Reddy and Durban branch manager Peter Green.

The EZ-Go PC which the makers claim is the world’s smallest versatile desktop PC is being launched to Durban dealers later this week. The tiny PC is just about the same size as a stack of five CD-ROM cases but packs the same punch as many desktop PCs.

The example I saw, the E504D, is only 157mm x 146mm x 58mm in size and weighed just a kilogram but it was equipped with a 1,7GHz Pentium 4 processor, 256Mb of RAM, a CD-ROM drive, a modem, a network card, an infrared facility, onboard sound, two USB and two FireWire Ports, a serial port, a parallel port and two PS2 ports. The Printer Distribution Company distributes the EZ-Go locally and branch manager Peter Green said that the midget PC would be ideal for applications where space was at a premium or where people frequently needed to move their desktops from place to place.

I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting too much from the EZ-Go when I popped by the PDC offices to take a look at it but I found that it had considerably more zing than the somewhat obsolete Celeron-based desktop PC that I use every day. One review I’ve read on the EZ-Go noted that it wouldn’t be able to compete with high-end desktops but that it wasn’t designed to.

The entry-level EZ-Go should retail at about R7500 excluding VAT but by the sounds of it you could spend almost as much as you like on upgrades and accessories. Among the extras available are more potent processors, carry cases, car adapters, extra memory, DVD CD-RW combo drives, wireless keyboards, screens, optical mice and even plug-in Ground Positioning System (GPS) modules.


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