Does my business need the Internet??

For most types of businesses the answer is a resounding yes.For most types of businesses, the answer is a resounding yes.  It is really only businesses at the corner café level relying solely on the passing trade that wouldn’t benefit from having a web presence.

If your business involves manufacturing, selling, providing a service, publishing information or even dealing with people in remote locations, then you could benefit from having a web presence. Commerce is alive and well on the web and the volumes of business done online are increasing every day.

I came across graphic proof of this when I provided Internet training for members of the marketing staff of a  large hotel group in South Africa which already had a web presence. I was told by them that a single booking made on the weekend that their site went live paid for the entire development cost of the site and its running expenses for an entire year.

The Internet commerce Gold Rush is well and truly underway and the rewards will be massive for those who stake their claim. The world’s largest bookshop with well over a million titles on offer exists only on the Internet and there are stories about other firms that have done so well that they’ve closed their shops in the real world.

Businesses in the Dumfries & Galloway area have to contend with a fairly small potential local customer base but the Internet offers you access to the virtually unlimited global market. The costs of a presence on the web are tiny when compared with bricks and mortar premises and it also has the benefit that it never closes allowing your customers to reach at any time of the day or night.

The question is not so much whether your business needs the Internet and the Worldwide Web as whether it can afford to be without it



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